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Keyboard Mapper for Windows Mobile
v0.9.4 (Beta), December 4, 2004.

AE Keyboard Mapper is designed for remapping keys of almost any external or built-in hardware keyboard connected to Windows Mobile device. You may use it for "localizing" keyboard (if OEM keyboard driver not support your layout) or just for remapping some keys (e.g. to convert AZERTY to QUERTY).

The main features of this utility are:

While AE Keyboard Mapper is not "driver-level" software it should work with any hardware keyboard supported by system.


This version will not work on Symbol devices. If this is your case please check AE Keyboard Mapper for Symbol Devices

Making your own keyboard layout file

If you found no appropriate layout for your keyboard here or in distribution package you may create it by yourself. Please consult Readme.txt file for step-by-step instructions and layout file format description. You may also review layouts included with distribution.

Currently layout file format used by this version of utility differs from AEKMap for Symbol devices. But after AEKMap become normal release (first half of the December) both branches will support format implemented in Symbol version.

Additional layouts not included into distribution

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Version History


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