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Keyboard Mapper for Symbol Devices
v1.1, November 28, 2005
Note: Generic AEKMap v1.2.2b and above is compatible with Symbol devices
Please consider use generic version because of AEKMap4S will not be developed anymore
All current AEKMap4S registrations will be valid for AEKMap
AE Keyboard Mapper for Symbol Devices is a version of AEKMap adopted specially for WindowsCE based terminals developed by Symbol. It allows you to remap keys of built-in and/or external keyboards and may be used for full keyboard localization or just for remapping some keys to another.

The main features of this key mapper are:

Note: Symbol describes additional low-level keyboard API which can't be changed by high-level programs like AEKMap. So if your programs designed using these driver-level keyboard functions then AEKMap will not probably helps you. Please try free AEKMap version to test If it will suit your needs.


This version of AEKMap is specific to Symbol hardware and will not work on generic Windows CE devices. If your device is not Symbol please check AE Keyboard Mapper for Windows Mobile.

Known issues

Following programs not affected by AEKMap:

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