AE Posting Acceptor Library
v2.0, June 10, 2004

AE Posting Acceptor (AEPA) library implements server-side support for file uploading in Microsoft Internet Information Server. In contrast with Microsoft Posting Acceptor, this library realizes some extremely useful features for Intranet/Extranet use. With AEPA you may:

  • embed file accepting and processing functions directly in your .ASP scripts without additional handlers and disk activity.
  • unpack zipped files "on-the-fly".
  • handle FoxPro .DBF tables "on-the-fly". This will significantly simplifies desktop application to web-based applications data transferring.
  • access form variables in the same script. No additional scripts, no "unwanted" session starts, no headache.

The main idea AEPA implements is parsing raw HTML form data stream sent with POST request. To use this feature data stream should be encoded with "multipart/form-data" method.

The server-side script handles this data with AEPA.Acceptor COM object. The most typical scenario is to create object using Server.CreateObject() method:

  DIM Accepror, RequestSize
  Set Acceptor = Server.CreateObject("AEPA.Acceptor")
  RequestSize = Request.TotalBytes
  If Acceptor.VarValue("Variable1")&""<>"" then
  end If

As you can see from this sample, using AEPA.Acceptor object is quite simple.

Demo distribution

The demo version of AE Posting Acceptor library is available for download. This demo has the same features as release version. The only restriction is the number of calls to AEPA.Acceptor core method is limited to 100. To reset counter you will need to reload AEPA.DLL library. This will be done automatically if you restart IIS server and all programs that reference to AEPA library.

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Alexander Eltsyn