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Graphical TurboVision for Pascal

The first development tool I start my programmer's carrier years ago was Borland Pascal. The first of my successful projects were written with Borland Pascal. So this page is my tribute to Borland Pascal.

Graphical TurboVision is one of the most interesting side results of my Pascal-related activity. I understand that technology is not "on-the-edge", but there is at list one actively used large project based on this library.

In contrast with number of "G'Vision" libraries I saw this library

The main idea Graphical TurboVision based on is to draw visible objects in 2 stage: first draw "textual" layer and then "graphical" layers. To implement this algorithm GDraw virtual method was added in TView object. GDraw is called automatically by GTV engine if required. All graphical output is clipped to caller's visible area.

Download demo for Graphical TurboVision
Download sources for Graphical TurboVision

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