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AE Posting Acceptor Library
v2.0, June 10, 2004

AE Posting Acceptor (AEPA) library implements server-side support for file uploading in Microsoft Internet Information Server. In contrast with Microsoft Posting Acceptor, this library realizes some extremely useful features for Intranet/Extranet use. With AEPA you may:

The main idea AEPA implements is parsing raw HTML form data stream sent with POST request. To use this feature data stream should be encoded with "multipart/form-data" method.

The server-side script handles this data with AEPA.Acceptor COM object. The most typical scenario is to create object using Server.CreateObject() method:

  DIM Accepror, RequestSize
  Set Acceptor = Server.CreateObject("AEPA.Acceptor")
  RequestSize = Request.TotalBytes
  If Acceptor.VarValue("Variable1")&""<>"" then
  end If

As you can see from this sample, using AEPA.Acceptor object is quite simple.



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