UpTime History
Version 3.4.3, updated June 10, 2005
  • 10.06.2005(v3.4.3): Added option to forecast remaining uptime instead of total uptime. Displayed information changed.
  • 25.10.2004(v3.4.2): HiRes VGA mode now is supported natively. Slight improvements in report generation
  • 10.10.2004(v3.4.1): Fixed problem with appearance on older OS versions. Added "Settings" option to popup menu. Critical charge level for uptime forecast is adjustable now
  • 28.07.2004(v3.4.0): Now plugin works correctly in WM2003 Second Edition. "PocketPC2002 view style" setting is available on PPC2000 only
  • 20.05.2004(v3.3.2): More effective process monitoring schema was implemented
  • 12.05.2004(v3.3.1): Forecasting algorythm was significantly improved
  • 10.05.2004(v3.3): Added uptime forecast
  • 27.02.2004(v3.2.2): Added WM2003 autodetection
  • 13.03.2003(v3.2.1): Process statistics gathering is optional now
  • 19.02.2003(v3.2): Power state monitoring procedure was updated to work correctly with Dell Axim. Please check "Charge Level Detector" in Uptime properties
  • 12.03.2002(v3.1): All uptime settings were moved to Settings -> Today -> Uptime options; 3-state power detector for some PDAs (e.g.E115) was implemented; plugin is now compatible with Pocket facelift
  • 01.02.2002(v3.0): Process log, Battery discharge history and report generation features were added
  • 26.12.2001(v2.1): Cosmetic fixes to adjust font style/color in PocketPC2002
  • 27.10.2001(v2.0): Full battery charge paint issue fixed
  • 22.10.2001(v2.0): UpTime is fully compatible with transparent PocketPC2002 Today
  • 19.10.2001(v2.0): First public available release


Alexander Eltsyn