AE Keyboard Mapper
v1.4 Freeware, April 4, 2012

AE Keyboard Mapper is designed for remapping keys of almost any external or built-in hardware keyboard or keypad connected to Windows Mobile device. You may use it for "localizing" keyboards (if OEM keyboard driver does not support your language) or just for remapping some keys (e.g. conversion AZERTY to QUERTY, adding absent Ctrl key functionality or bind application to keys ).

The main features of this key remapper are:

  • flexible enough and highly customizable through simple plain-text configs;
  • supports up to 4 keyboard layouts;
  • may be used as "resident" application switching active layouts by specified hot key or as unloadable application associated with hot key using standart Windows Mobile button binding;
  • supports layouts with one or two sets of "accented" characters;
  • allows multiply keypresses mapping for "keypad-like" localizations
  • allows generation unicode characters or hardware keystrokes with Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Win combinations;
  • allows binding external applications to keys;
  • stores all settings in file configs instead of registry for easy maintaining if installed to permanent storage;
  • supports alternative character set for sending to "permanent beta" ICQ client for Pocket PC (useful for non-English layouts)

While AE Keyboard Mapper is not "driver-level" software it should work with any hardware keyboard supported by system.


AE Keyboard Mapper is compatible with:
  • MS PocketPC 2002 / Phone Edition
  • MS PocketPC 2003 / Phone Edition
  • MS PocketPC 2003SE / Phone Edition / Smartphone
  • MS Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC / Phone Edition / Smartphone
  • MS Windows Mobile 6 PocketPC / Phone Edition / Smartphone
  • All other devices based on MS WindowsCE version 3.0 and above with ARM-compatible CPU.

.AEK format

Alexander Eltsyn