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AEKMap - Layouts
v1.4 Freeware, April 4, 2012

Here you may find additional layouts not included to the current AEKMap distibution. Just copy .AEK file to "\Program Files\AEKMap\" directory on your device and select it in Start - Programs - "AEKMap Settings". If you found no suitable layouts here you will probably be interested in description of .AEK file format.

Link to page: /aekmaplayout.php?ID=131

 1  Numeric, Orsio p745LinkViewDownload
Language: Language independend
Keyboard: Orsio p745 / Ubiquio 501 / i-Mate JAQ3
Author: Sergey
Description: Digits and symbols
Updated: July 15, 2008
Downloads: 2214 (file size 1966b)

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