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RTFReport is a native Delphi VCL component that implements flexible and powerful report generation engine. The outcome of the RTFReport is a ready-to-print editable Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

In order to produce reports this engine utilize templates - RTF documents (looking like empty report) with easy to understand tags. With RTFReport you may give your users possibility to design new report templates with they favorite RTF-enabled WYSIWYG editors like Microsoft Word and this will require no program modification.


At the moment library was tested on the following enviroments:

  • Delphi 4.0,
  • Delphi 4.5,
  • Delphi 5.0,
  • C++ Builder 4.0

Demo distribution

RTF Report Generator library demos are available for download. This demo includes precompiled units for Delphi 4&5 and C++Builder 4, documentation and three demo projects. The limitations in demo version are:

  1. During processing first tag in template TRTF Report engine inserts "About..." page.
  2. Some service functions like InsertMetafile, InsertObject are locked out.
  3. No source code provided.
Compiled demo project is also available for download


  • Version 1.02:
    • New data access syntax TableName..FieldName was added
    • Undefined tags without bracets now passed into OnTag event handler too
    • Templates interpretation algorithm was improved, so there is no problem with spaces disapearing should appear.
    • Other bugs fixed (Terminate is set to False before template processing; syntax analyser hangups on empty comments, etc.)
  • Version 1.01:
    • OnGetTable and OnTag events interface was changed
    • Compiled units for Delphi 5 and C++ Builder was added
    • Added demo projects for C++ Builder (BDE-dependend) and Delphi (based on direct Microsoft® FoxPro database access engine)
  • Version 1.0: First public available release.

RTF Report
RTF Report

Alexander Eltsyn