RTF Report Download
  • RTFReport Demo release (378 Kb)
    This archive includes compiled RTFReport units for Delphi 4, Delphi 5 and C++ Builder with help files and sample applications source.
  • RTFReport Demo - compiled example
    In this archive you may find compiled executables for sample application. This sample require no database access engines like BDE or ODBC to be installed. Simply unzip this file into desired directory with subfolders and start DemoDBF.exe program. No system files or registry keys are to be added or modified.
  • RTFReport v1.01 sources (223Kb)
    This release includes all source code for full-featured RTF Report library without any limitations and "nag-screens".
  • Rich-Text Format (RTF) v1.01 Specification by Microsoft
    The RTF standard provides a format for text and graphics interchange that can be used with different output devices, operating environments, and operating systems. © Microsoft

RTF Report
RTF Report

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