AEBPlus - Command Line
v2.7 Freeware, April 1, 2011

Since v2.4 AE Button Plus allows you to call action from command line. If you specify 4-digit action code as parameter for AEBPlus.exe it will send a message to resident copy to execute action requested.

The simpliest way to call AEBPlus with command line argument is to create shortcut file (one with .LNK extension) as it was done in "AEBPlus Task Manager.lnk" and "AEBPlus Memory.lnk" files created during AEBPlus install in the same directory where AEBPlus.exe is located (default is \Program Files\AEBPlus\)

Below is a table showing all of the action codes currently available for calling from command line.

Please note that not all of the actions may be available on your PDA. The set of allowed actions depends on ypur PDA hardware and WindowsCE version. It is recomended to use actions listed in AEBPlus settings utility as it is automatically detects your hardware and OS version.

You could download ready to use shortcut by clicking on diskette image and saving file downloaded somewhere on PDA with .LNK extension.

Install directory: 
Command Line: "\Program Files\AEBPlus\AEBPlus.exe" XXXX

 Code  Action  Restrictions  
 0000  Reload AEBPlus Configuration    Download Shortcut 
 0001  Volume Up    Download Shortcut 
 0002  Volume Down    Download Shortcut 
 0003  Close Active Application    Download Shortcut 
 0004  Switch Next Application    Download Shortcut 
 0005  Ok/Close    Download Shortcut 
 0006  Star tMenu    Download Shortcut 
 0007  Task Manager    Download Shortcut 
 0008  Left SoftKey  WM5  Download Shortcut 
 0009  Right SoftKey  WM5  Download Shortcut 
 000A  Switch Display Off/On    Download Shortcut 
 000B  Switch BlueTooth Off/On  BlueTooth  Download Shortcut 
 000C  Switch Vibration Mode Off/On  WM5  Download Shortcut 
 000D  Switch to Today Screen    Download Shortcut 
 000E  Select All    Download Shortcut 
 000F  Copy to Clipboard    Download Shortcut 
 0010  Cut to Clipboard    Download Shortcut 
 0011  Paste from Clipboard    Download Shortcut 
 0012  Memory Monitor    Download Shortcut 
 0013  Soft-Reset your device    Download Shortcut 
 0014  Power-OFF your device    Download Shortcut 
 0015  Rotate Screen    Download Shortcut 
 0016  Uptime Information    Download Shortcut 
 0017  Close DialUp connections    Download Shortcut 
 0018  Disable "power off if not used"...    Download Shortcut 
 0019  Show current date/time    Download Shortcut 
 001A  Switch WiFi Off/On  WiFi  Download Shortcut 
 001B  Show Actions Menu    Download Shortcut 
 001C  Activate Default Internet Connection    Download Shortcut 
 001D  Trigger Online Mode    Download Shortcut 
 001E  Alt+Tab (switch between two last applications)    Download Shortcut 
 001F  Rotate Screen Clockwize    Download Shortcut 
 0020  Emulate Green Button keypress    Download Shortcut 
 0021  Emulate Red Button keypress    Download Shortcut 
 0022  Lock Device  WM5  Download Shortcut 
 0023  Switch Speakerphone Off/On    Download Shortcut 
 0024  Switch Flashlight Off/On  Some HTC devices  Download Shortcut 
 0025  Switch Phone Module Off/On    Download Shortcut 
 0026  Show Backlight dialogue    Download Shortcut 
 F001  Increase backlight    Download Shortcut 
 F002  Decrease backlight    Download Shortcut 
 F1??  Set backlight level (replace "??" with level hex value, 00..FF)    Download Shortcut 


Alexander Eltsyn