AEBPlus - Frequently Asked Questoins
v2.7 Freeware, April 1, 2011
"I have a nice idea!"
Please do not hesitate to send your suggestions to me, and I will add them to my "to-do". When this list grows large new version appears making your ideas reality. Your help allows me to make AEBPlus more smart and useful
What is the difference between trial and registered version?
Since v2.7 (April 1st, 2011) AEBPlus is Freeware
(for versions 2.6.x and earlier only) Two things only:
  1. Splash screen appears during device starting up.
  2. "Action list" is blocked in trial mode
What "Virtual Buttons" are and how could I use them?
"Virtual Button" approach is 1.x version hangover. It was the only method to assign several actions to one button in old AEBPlus versions. Now you may use "virtual buttons" to assign system built-in actions to AEBPlus keypress events.
For understanding "Virtual buttons" just do the following:
  • Start AEBPlus Settings utility and choose any button to handle. Let it be "Calendar" for example
  • Set default handler ("Calendar" button emulation) to single keypress event
  • Choose any "Virtual button" to double keypress event and rename it to something more meaningful (e.g. "2 * Calendar")
  • Save changes and close AEBPlus Settings.
  • Tap Start -> Settings -> Buttons and review the list of available buttons. You will find new "2 * Calendar" which is "virtual hardware button" you create recently. Now you may set any built-in system action like "<Context Menu>" or "<Input Panel>"
Is it possible to set application-specific keypress bindings?
No, AEBPlus was not designed to distinguish current context. There are two exceptions only:
  • Red phone button may be set up to terminate current voice call (if any) or perform actions selected otherwise
  • Volume slider may be set up to emulate original functions if Today screen / voice call / "Phone" application is active
Why some actions executed after button release only?
These actions works improperly while any button is in "pressed" state. Current list of these actions include:
  • Any hardware button emulation (Application buttons, Ok/Close, Start Menu, Power OFF, directional keys)
  • Select All / Copy to Clipboard/ Cut to Clipboard / Paste from Clipboard
What is "Long Keypress Mode"?
If "long keypres" mode is checked, all of the actions assigned to long keypress event will be triggered only after button release. Otherwise most of the actions will be executed in "press-and-hold" state, i.e. before button release.
How could I trigger AEBPlus action from another program or command line?
You will find answer here
How to bind SKSchema scripts
You may not run .SKCS files directly because of AEBPlus is not able to handle file associations. You need to run skschm.exe instead and specify script as a command line parameter. To do this:
  • select "Run application" in button setup dialog
  • Choose "\Windows\skschm.exe" file by pressing [...] button next to application combo box
  • Specify #onlyrun #r(#script) #p(full_script_name.sksc).
Suggested by Timas (thanks to S_K!)

Another solution is to map keypress event to virtual button and assign SKSchema script using system default button settings dialog. (found by Majed Aly)
White screen on Mitac Mio A700 after resuming on Red Key
Yes, this is well-known "feature" of display on/off implementation on A700: if you will try to turn display on by pressing red phone button, it will power backlight only, not LCD panel itself. As a result you will see the "white screen". Unfortunately this bug either in hardware or in OS image and may be fixed by OEM only. But AEBPlus allows you to workaround the problem. If you choose to handle red phone button - program will check if display was previously off by AEBPlus and call special initialization code.
For example you may set red button mapping as follow:
  • Single keypress: turn off the PDA
  • Double keypress: turn off the display
  • Triple keypress: any action you like
  • Long keypress: unfortunately long red button press may not be detected on A700
  • Check "Hangup on red key" option
As a result you will hang-up current phone call by pressing red button. Or (if no phone call is active) - single keypress will turn device OFF, double keypress will switch the display and you will never see "White screen" again.
What is "One key Task Manager"
This mode allows you to select next item with the same key you used to call Task Manager. As a result, you could
  • call task manager with assigned key
  • select required application by pressing this key again
  • switch to item selected by timeout.
How to use PTT button on HTC Fuse
The answer (by jglev) was taken from here:
Actually, I have been using AE Button Plus since I got my Fuze the first week it was released. If I recall, I got the instructions from this board somewhere. I had to do a registry edit (delete the value, not the key, of HKLM\Services\PTT\Dll (was "PTTService.dll", will now be "") and soft reset), and then went into AE Button Plus and used the Add button from the File menu. AEB then added it as Button #00ED and I was able to assign a short and long press. However, I do think xcsdm's application allowing you to assign a button from the Button applet is nice as well.


Alexander Eltsyn