AEBPlus - History
v2.7 Freeware, April 1, 2011
  • 01.04.2011(v2.7 Freeware):
    • Program is Freeware
  • 30.12.2009(v2.6.6.2):
    • New language: Ukrainian. Thanks to Kamachi
  • 21.04.2009(v2.6.6.1):
  • 02.02.2009(v2.6.6):
    • Backlight works on HP 612c now
    • Updated Traditional Chinese resources (thanks to Chow Yuh)
  • 22.12.2008(v2.6.5):
    New features:
    • Task Manager and Actions menu now could be enlarged to be more "finger-friendly" on high resolution devices
    • BPlus Settings Summary report was significantly updated.
    • default Task Manager timeout is set to 3 sec.
  • 14.12.2008(v2.6.4):
    New features:
    • Backlight dialogue now could be called from command line (code 0026) and added into Actions menu
    • Backlight level now could be increased (F001), decreased (F002) or set up directly (F100..F1FF) from command line
    • Display timeout for Task Manager, Actions Menu and Date/Time dialog is changeable now
    • Backlight management engine was re-implemented. BPlus should support much more devices now. Both AC and Battery backlight levels changed synchroneously.
    New languages:
    • Updated Simplified Chinese resources (thanks to Forrest Run)
  • 13.05.2008(v2.6.3):
    New features:
    • Volume level now may be controlled directly (no volume popup called)
    • Traditional Chinese translation updated
    • Few minor fixes
    New languages:
    • Since v2.5.3b BPlus speaks in Spanish too. Thanks to Esteban Reche.
  • 25.04.2008(v2.6.2b):
    New features:
    • Keypress timout made configurable
    • Backlight settings appeared (may not works on some devices)
    • Fixed bug with invalid long keypress timeout calculation
    • Maximum number of keys was increased
    • Red and Green phone buttons now works if device is locked and incoming call detected
    New languages:
    • Dutch language updated
    • Hungarian Language added (thanks to Szollosi Peter)
  • 21.02.2008(v2.6.1):
    • Greek translation added. Thanks to Dancer_69
  • 21.09.2007(v2.6):
    • Smartphone "unlock device with left softkey" issue
    • French language updated
    • Few unsignificant issues
  • 17.09.2007(v2.5.8RC):
    • French, Polish and Traditional Chinese languages updated
    • Traditional Chinese language ID was changed from 8999 to 1028 (language resources file) so Traditional Chinese users should choose language on version upgrade
    • Ok/Close now will work even if Ok/Close was redefined
    • Little flaw in Task Manager / Actions Menu width calculation
  • 14.09.2007(v2.5.7b):
    New keypress actions:
    • Red Key emulation
    • Device Lock (WM5 and above)
    • Switch Speakerphone Off/On
    • Switch Flashlight Off/On (HTC devices only)
    • Switch Phone Module Off/On
    • Windows key re-definition note was added.
    • Germand language ID was changed from 1043 to 1031 (language resources file). As a result German users should choose Deutsch on version upgrade
    • Minor "Action Menu" issues fixed
    New languages:
    • Traditional Chinese. Thanks to Chow Yuh from Taiwan
    • Nederlands (Dutch). Thanks to Rob van Brunschot
  • 29.08.2007(v2.5.6b):
    • Memory monitor failed to display 16GB+ card sizes
  • 27.08.2007(v2.5.5b):
    New keypress actions:
    • PgUp / PgDn key emulation
    • Green phone key emulation stop working
    • Invalid "Ok" button config description in Settings utility
  • 15.08.2007(v2.5.4b):
    New features:
    • Actions menu contents is now customizable
    New keypress actions:
    • Green phone button keypress emulation implemented (should work on most devices)
    • "Ok button works as Volume slider" issue
    • AEBPlus will now continue work while settings utility is active
    • Emulation of SoftKey/Volume slider was rewritten completely. It should work on most of the devices now
    • Small issue in voice call state detection procedure
  • 08.08.2007(v2.5.3b):
    New features:
    • BPlus is able to process "Windows" key now
    • "Ok" button was pre-defined in settings utility
    • Orientations filter (screen rotation settings)
    New actions:
    • Clockwize screen rotation
    New languages:
    • Simplified-Chinese. Thanks to "funny PC" :)
    • Spanish translation. Thanks to Esteban Reche.
    • Uptime information display sizing issue on smartphones
    • Softkey emulation adjusted to work with hidden softkey bars
    • Some artefacts in Settings utility on smartphone devices
  • 05.03.2007(v2.5.2): Italian language was added. Thanks to Angelo Santillo.
  • 18.09.2006(v2.5.1): CPU load was significantly lowered in "Memory Monitor" and "Task Manager" modes
    All notifications now are silent.
    German translation added (thanks to Martin Lessmann)
  • 26.08.2006(v2.5): Release.
    Utility now detects if PDA is in locked state (WM5.0 devices only)
  • 22.08.2006(v2.4.4b): Now you now may choose between old style task manager control and new "one-key" mode
    Keyboard re-hook bug fixed.
    Polish translation added (thanks to gader)
  • 05.08.2006(v2.4.3b): Settings utility interface changed.
    Now you may choose between Long Press and Press&Hold modes.
    Press&Hold timeout increased.
    Command line parameter processing issue fixed.
    New option to display date/time after resuming PDA.
    New option to create Settings Summary Report New actions:
    • Go Online
    • Trigger Online
    • "AltTab" (switch bewteen two last windows)
    Other minor fixes
  • 26.07.2006(v2.4.2b): Experimental version. Please resport on any issues.
    "Add new key" dialog bug fixed.
    "Power ON" event detection imporoved (MIO A700 fix).
    Most of the actions bound to long keypress will now execute BEFORE key release.
    Pressing button used for Task Manager launching will move selection to the next task.
    New settings/modes implemented:
    • Disable baloon notifications on BT/WiFi/Vibration etc mode changes
    • Restore default volume slider behaviour in Today screen / Phone application / while voice call is active
    Czech translation added (thanks to "CondorSOFT").
    Other changes.
  • 07.06.2006(v2.4.1): The default "Cancel" item was added to action menu. One more SoftKey emulation fix.
  • 01.06.2006(v2.4): Release. "Uptime" display now reports battery voltage, current and temperature (if there are corresponding sensors available). Fixed bug in WM5 SoftKeys emulation.
    New action: "Trigger WiFi", "Action List" (Activated version only).
    All actions may be called from command line now.
  • 29.05.2006(v2.3.7b): "Read Key" dialog was not operated correctly. All of the arrows were added to settings dialog "by default"
  • 26.05.2006(v2.3.6b): New action: "Show Date/Time". Other unsignificant fixes.
  • 22.05.2006(v2.3.5b): "Memory Monitor" now shows Tota/In Use/Free spaces on each of the storage if there is enough screen space. Otherwise it hides "InUse" and then "Total". "Memory Monitor" startup delays fixed.
    French language updated (thanks to Herunim).
    Other minor interface fixes.
  • 18.05.2006(v2.3.4b): Fixed uptime forecast issue (uptime increases while PDA is on DC power)
  • 18.05.2006(v2.3.3b): "Close active application" action will now minimize current application if it may not be closed. "Clear statistics" button added to Uptime Monitor.
  • 16.05.2005(v2.3.2b):
    • Fixed WM5 issue causing random delays/hangups during system startup on few devices.
    • Completely new functionality: uptime monitor and forecast.
    • New actions: "Soft reset", "Power OFF", "Rotate Screen","Close Dialup Connections","Disable power off if not used...".
    • Red button may be used now to drop current call (if any) otherwise perform action selected.
    • Now you may add any hardware button specific to your PDA directly in Settings utilty.
    • "Safe Mode" implemented (press&hold left key during startup to choose AEBPlus demon load options).
  • 04.04.2006(v2.3.1): Enter/Action button added in AEBPlus Settings.
  • 02.04.2006(v2.3): Release.
  • 28.03.2006(v2.2.7b): External application startup issue fixed. Hope it is last fix here.
  • 27.03.2006(v2.2.6b): Task filter added in Settings. Fixed: forcing backlight ON every 10 seconds, unstable Memory Monitor calling, .LNK file processing (Pocket Informant issue)
  • 25.03.2006(v2.2.5b): French translation. Thanks to Herunim New action: Memory Monitor. Increased button reaction speed.
  • 13.03.2006(v2.2.4b): Hebrew translation. Thanks to Amir Keren (
  • 12.03.2006(v2.2.3b): Significant interface changes. Multilanguage support added. Notification on Bluetooth ON/OFF. Fixed Phone startup issue while red button is processed by AEBPlus. New actions: Vibration mode Off/On (WM5 only), Switch to Today screen, Select All / Copy / Cut / Paste
  • 09.03.2006(v2.2.2): New action: BlueTooth Off/On
  • 05.03.2006(v2.2.1): New action implemented: Screen Off/On
  • 01.03.2006(v2.2): Minor startup procedure fix. Version 2.2 release
  • 25.02.2006(v2.1.5b): "Emulate Soft Key" action implemented (WM5 PocketPC only).
  • 24.02.2006(v2.1.4b): Now you may select almost any .LNK or .EXE file with new executable file browser in AEBPlus Settings.
  • 23.02.2006(v2.1.3b): Links now retrieved from all "Start Menu" tree. Charge level and memory totals are in "Task Manager" now
  • 17.02.2006(v2.1.2b): New keypress event action: "Task manager".
  • 16.02.2006(v2.1.1b): Fixed "Ok/Close" action bug. Enabled command line parameters for "Run application" action
  • 15.02.2006(v2.1): AEBPlus released.
  • 14.02.2006(v2.0.6b): First published 2.x version.
  • 05.02.2006(v2.0b): AEBPlus rewritten completely. External config file, new configuration utility, no hardware limitations, softkey grabbing, direct action assignments.
  • 02.06.2005(v1.0.1): Fixed bug in installation procedure. Product name changed.
  • 23.05.2005(v1.0): Added option to use Camera button as <Enter>. Some cosmetic changes. First "release" version.
  • 17.05.2005(v0.9.2b): Added 30s startup delay to allow Phone application to start
  • 16.05.2005(v0.9.1b): First public available beta.
  • 14.05.2005(v0.9b): First experimental implementation of AEBPlus


Alexander Eltsyn