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Apr 4, 2012: AEKMap v1.4 is now Freeware
Apr 1, 2011: AEBPlus v2.7 Freeware
Nov 13, 2007: dbf2mysql v1.05 released
Mar 2, 2006: AEBKbd v1.2 released

This site is addressed to anyone using or interested in software and software components developed by Alexander Eltsyn Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you found no answers on site

WinCE / PocketPC / WinMobile devices related utilites and resources
AE Button Plus
Keyboard Mapper for Windows Mobile
AE Keyboard Emulator for Pretec Barcode Scanner
UpTime Meter plugin for PocketPC
HTC BlueAngel Russian Hardware Keyboard (Russian only)
AE WiFi Trigger Utility
HTC WindCE Hardware platforms summary table
Other utilities
RTF Report component for Delphi
AE Posting Acceptor for MS IIS/PWS/SiteServer
MS FoxPro .DBF to MySQL server data converter

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