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AE Button Plus
v2.7 Freeware, April 1, 2011

This utility extends functionality of hardware keys on Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to:

As a result you may "convert" volume slider to up/down arrows, assign several essential application buttons to these "SoftKey" buttons and even assign your favorit alternative dialer to red/green phone buttons.

Current list of built-in keypress actions

Most of the actions may be initiated by running AEBPlus.exe with command line parameter. All of the action codes and ready to use shortcut files are here


This utility may be used on the following mobile devices:

Be sure to backup your Smartphone before installing AEBPlus. PocketPC users are safe because of touchscreen .

! Since 2.3.2 (beta) "Safe Mode" is implemented. You may press&hold left key during startup to choose AEBPlus load options.

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